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Intro to the talk “Successful Negotiation”

Talk: „Best Persuasion Hacks”

Negotiation skills are not innate. Like a good chess player, a good negotiator needs to know right negotiation strategies and techniques and practice them on a daily basis. The Harvard concept is the “prevailing theory” in successful negotiation management. With unfair negotiating partners you should also know the most common negotiation tactics in order to not fall for them. The Harvard method usually assumes a fair negotiating partner with whom one would like to create long-term win-win situations together. Properly negotiating according to Harvard means finding out the interests of the negotiating partner behind the position through clever questions. However, the Harvard concept is not the best negotiating method for some deals.

In this informative  keynote speech, Wladislaw Jachtchenko discusses when you can use which negotiation concept successfully.

Content of the keynote speech


• The 4 principles of the Harvard concept

• The 10 nastiest negotiation tricks and what to do about them

• Dealing with difficult negotiating partners

• About bargaining power, creative win-win solutions and long-term cooperation

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“The training was very good and informative. Now it's just a matter of doing everything correctly. I now know exactly what to do, thank you. "

Iris K., Managing Director of Workaholics Gesellschaft für Personal- und Zeitarbeit mbH

"Wladislaw Jachtchenko hat uns in seinem Vortrag zum Thema 'Charisma und Schlagfertigkeit' alle mit seiner beeindruckend lockeren Art mitgerissen, er hat uns so wertvolle Tipps für eine nachhaltig wirkungsvolle Rhetorik gegeben, die wir in der täglichen Arbeit und im Privatleben spielend einfach anwenden werden. Er ist ein uneingeschränkt empfehlenswerter Speaker!"

Carolina H., Personalentwicklung von EVA Fahrzeugtechnik GmbH

"Sehr geehrter Herr Jachtchenko, vielen Dank für den erfrischenden Vortrag gestern — habe schon einen Menge Vorträge gesehen, aber das war schon sehr inspirierend!"

Marco B., Geschäftsführer

"Dein Vortrag über Charisma war der Hammer! Du machst deine Sache super!"

Yves K., Marketing-Manager

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You can also book Wladislaw Jachtchenko as a speaker for television and radio. Its concise formulations and its unique content in the field of argumentative rhetoric make your program even more interesting and varied. Wladislaw Jachtchenko has a lot of experience in front of the camera (e.g. as an expert on “Galileo”) and on the radio (e.g. as an expert on “Antenne MV”) and can formulate to the point so that he is also very suitable as an interview partner for short formats.

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